Hard rubber linings

Ideal anti-corrosives for many sectors, from chemical to food.

AKORROS® hard rubber range:


Hard rubber

Hard rubber lining suitable for the protection of steel structures exposed to chemical attacks. Widely used on water treatment plants, chemical industry storage tanks, as well as on various steel components, including piping in various industrial sectors.



Hard rubber used in the food industry. It finds its main field of application in water treatment plants and when FDA, DM174 and WRAS certification are required



Graphite-filled hard rubber lining for components subjected to severe chemical conditions and extremely high thermal stress in the chemical, chlorine and steel industries, as well as in galvanic plants. Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals, from alkaline to acidic, especially at high temperatures.

Quality protection

Thanks to its resistance to chemical agents and its workability, our hard rubber guarantees excellent anti-corrosion protection for the most varied components of industrial systems. Reactors, tanks, pipes, tanks, cisterns are just a few examples.

Our experience, combined with laboratory research, has allowed us to create and patent AKORROS®, a range of hard rubber linings for different applications.

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